Top Summer Activities in Calgary



Stephen Avenue

What: Vendors, performances, food, and lots of different opportunities throughout the summer!
Where: 8th Avenue, Downtown Calgary
When: Year-round
Price: Free Admission
I have always enjoyed walking down the avenue, seeing what pops up on the road and who’s selling what. There’s also lots of shops to check out; last year I went to John Fluevog (Shoe Museum upstairs; Shoe Store downstairs) where they presented, The Museum of Interactive Entertainment. Myself and Mike (my partner in crime) were riding our bikes when we discovered this neat little store! You never know what you will find on Stephen Avenue, so if you work downtown it’s always an adventure walking down the street!

Extreme Air
What: Remember the good old days of bowling, pool, roller skating, ice skating, and go-karting? instant classics such as paintball, laser tag, and (somewhat non-classic) battlefield live? how about the batting cages, archery, trampolines, and recreational sports? the point is, everybody loves being active!
where: calgary
when: various
price: $10- $30 (dependent on activity)
I never find the time to do things until summer. So here’s a ton of links to a ton of places in and around Calgary. Sometimes it’s worth spending time and money on activities to do with friends and family. What’s the point of making money if you never spend it? Don’t splurge it, but have fun with it!

WhaSalsa Festt: A festival full of dancing, salsa & chips, vendors and street performers
Where: Kensington
When: SUnday, july 20, 2014
price: free
this is an obvious pick! although kensington becomes extremely crowded during the day, it’s full of unique performances and delicious salsa. one of the coolest parts of this festival is that you can support two charities (hillhurst sunnyside community association and norfolk housing) by purchasing a bag of chips for the salsa. lots of people, lots of fun, and lots of things to do!



what: a festival full of water sports, activities for children, food, music, rubber duck races, a classic car show, and fireworks!
where: chestermere
when: saturday, july 26, 2014
price: free
who doesn’t love drooling over the beauty of antique cars, hanging around a beautiful lake, and taking a day trip from the bustling city? i’ve always had fun at this festival, but my favourite part would be coming back at night to see the fireworks. last year, they had free salsa lessons and different areas to dance the night away! it was romantic, fun, and relaxing. definitely one of the best festivals in the summer!

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