My Calgary Top 3

By Rachelle Mullings

1. Peace Bridge 

Peace Bridge

When: Any-time!

Price: Free Admission

The Peace Bridge was designed by Award –winning architect and bridge designer Santiago Calatrava who’s breathe – taking design work has added an edgy feel across the globe, including numerous road and pedestrian bridges.

The Bridge connecting the Bow River in downtown Calgary is a gorgeous piece of architecture. The $24.5 million Bridge has been a new “hot” spot, since it was launched on March 24, 2012. The structural can’t miss- it red steel,6.2-metre wide pathway, and  the four different types of lights are incorporated into the bridge for day or night use- just to name a few of the features!

With summer here, it is a great place for tourists, and everyday Calgarians to get a great shot of our beautiful downtown, or simply  a great place for an afternoon stole with friends or a after work jog.

 2. Stephen Avenue

Stephen Avenue

Where: Stephen Avenue Walk is situated along 8 Ave SW (Stephen Avenue) and spans from 1 St SE to 4 St SW.

When: Anytime!

Price: Free

Stephen Ave Walk is noted as an historic downtown pedestrian mall, which has many well – preserved buildings date to the late 19th and early 20th century. The Old Sandstone City Hall building, which is located on the far west end of the mall is another beautiful architectural building we have in our downtown core.

Heading out after work with some colleagues? Is it your day off and you need something to do? No problem! Stephen Ave has various buskers during the warmer seasons and many other live performances, or just enjoy a meal in one of the many restaurants, cafés, pubs and bars lining the street, which I would have to say are some of the best in Calgary!

 3. Mission District

Mission District

Where: 4th Street

When: Anytime- Always!

Price: Free

Mission- A new Urban development, which has been noted as one of Calgary’s most sought after communities. It is the perfect community to head to for lunch with a colleagues or friend during the week or on the weekend. At night the streets come alive with Calgary some of Calgary’s popular lounges and Pub’s such as- the Vin Room, Wurst Restaurant and Beer Hall, Ducky’s Pub, and Rose & Crown.

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