New Whipper Snappers!

By James Lo

Let’s be honest, it was inevitable! Eventually, us old folks (all the 21, 22 and 26 year olds) would be replaced by younger, smarter, better-looking versions of ourselves (Rachelle and Carrie not included). Completely usurped by newer models with fresh faces and bright ideas! Byye’s very own model of planned obsolescence! You, our reader, have probably grown tired of our pandering and weekly tirade of blog posts (maybe just mine?).

Over the past few weeks since the launch of our blog, you’ve probably been hoping, waiting for something or someone to breathe fresh, new air into the lungs of the Whipper Snappers Blog and save it from such mundane, stale reads as, “The power of social media” and “Fave Craft Breweries So Far.” Who cares that you swindled a free brewery tour by being a whiny baby (I had other choice words for myself) on social media? In my head, the answer is an unequivocal and obvious yes. But the truth is, probably absolutely nobody. But I digress with my self-deprecating humor…

Well, ladies and gentlemen, your prayers have been answered! Introducing the new whipper snappers 2.0, Andrew Pullar and Sheena Agnew!


They’re young, they’re bright, they’re still in high school… Oh boy, do I feel old. It’s our hope that both Andrew and Sheena can become weekly contributors to our Whipper Snappers Blog and provide us with some perspective on what it’s like to be a high school student working in a start-up environment!

I had the pleasure of interviewing both Andrew and Sheena and getting to know them a little bit better. Let’s meet them, shall we?



Andrew Pullar | Summer Student Intern
William aberhart high school – grade 12 – grad 2015
fun facts
could skate before he could walk (tendy)
loves biology, environmental studies, and computing science
has built 2 computers
wants to attend either the university of calgary or the university of victoria
interested in learning how START-UPS work, gaining tangible work experience, and getting his foot in the door for potential business opportunities in the near future



sheena agnew | summer student intern
lord beaverbrook high school – grade 12 – grad 2015
fun facts
born in nara, japan
moved to calgary at age 5
loves drawing and graphic design
wants to attend the alberta college of art and design (ACAD) for visual communications
interested in developing better verbal communication skills through byye’s excellent open and collaborative work spaces that encourage communication and discussion

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