My First Road Trip


Travelling has always seemed to be in my blood, at the young age of two, my parents, every year, would pack our suitcases and we would head to the beautiful Island of Jamaica. While myself and my siblings enjoyed going to Jamaica because of the beautiful weather, food, culture, beaches, and (I guess I should add in my most of my family is there), I enjoy seeing different places, and most importantly within Canada.

I love the feeling of excitement I get a few days before any trip, I almost always over pack because I have a huge problem with having way too much clothes (I could probably wear a different outfit every day for a year and never double up) but the feeling of just knowing that in a few days, hours, minutes you will be leaving to go somewhere that isn’t called “home” gives me something to always look forward to.

Although I am very much a traveler, and I love experiencing new cultures, scenery, and of course food, a road trip has always crossed my mind but I have never planned to do it or even attempted to. (It very well could have been because I didn’t drive until this year ha-ha). A few weeks ago for the long weekend, my family decided to take we would go ahead and take a road trip. My brother Dwayne has a “sick” obsession with British Columbia, because he goes at least once a year with his best friend, and every time he comes back, he is always like “Gosh I need to move”. To be honest I had heard that it is beautiful, the wineries are amazing, the beach life is fun, but until you actually experience it for yourself it’s always the classic “sounds beautiful”, “sounds fun”. That was me up until that point.

There was a lot of talk about different areas that we could visit and stay in, such as Vernon and Salmon Arm, but we came to a conclusion that we would stay in Sunpeaks which is about 45 mins away from Kamloops.

Early Saturday morning, we loaded the car with our belongings, snacks, and made sure we had a pretty awesome play-list, and we hit the road. While I drove for only 2 hours, I enjoyed looking at the beautiful road in front of me and the scenery that surrounded us as we entered more and more into B.C. The mountains where so much prettier than what I was used to, and the waterfalls pouring through the rocks had me amazed that nature could be so beautiful- but yet peaceful.


SALMON ARM, British columbia

After driving for 6 hours, we finally arrived in Salmon Arm. After seeing nature at its finest I was  so happy to get out of the vehicle and stretch my legs. Across the street we had noticed that there was a farmers market and decided to check it out.

Farmers Market

My mom decided to buy a few spices which were of course homemade. The different variations were impressive and interesting and since we forgot spices at home it seemed like a good opportunity than going to a grocery store and buying the same thing as always.


sunpeaks, british columbia

After driving 9 hours we finally reached our resort. While driving up a hill of what seemed of nothing but trees, hills, more trees, more hills, oh and a house here and there, I could hardly wait to arrive and explore the resort.


Pulling up I was shocked at how beautiful the resort was, but not really after speaking to a lady at the farmers market in Salmon Arm, she had told me that Sun peaks was absolutely beautiful and that we would for sure enjoy our stay. Needless to say- she was right.  We stayed the Coast Sundance Resort. The rooms were very clean and comfortable, the staff was very friendly and helpful with giving us advice as to were to go, and our room keeper Kelly was a godsend, she was such an outgoing and humble individual who took pride in her job.

After settling in we decided to go explore the resort. We came across many different hotels, restaurants, cafes, food markets, and wine festivals. Alongside the outdoor activities such as, mountain biking, horseback riding, the water park, and dirt biking.


sunday funday

After doing some research we noticed that the Sunpeaks Resort has a farmers’ market every Sunday. That day they were also having a festival in the afternoon. We walked around the resort finding fresh organic produce and many different vendors selling unique pieces.


After the farmers market we decided that we would venture down into Kamloops and find a winery and look around the city. After looking at our GPS we found a place called the Harper’s Winery.


The Harper’s Trail winery was amazing, again the staff was very friendly and helpful with wine choices and made our very first winery experience everything and more. I was also very impressed that we were able to learn a lot about each wine not only by the taste but also by the knowledge of the associates working there. With that being said… the wine was delicious and we ended up buying a couple of bottles of wine, my favorite was the 2012 PIONEER BLOCK DRY RIESLING, on top of all this greatness we found out apparently they ship to Calgary (how convenient).


There was one thing that made this winery experience even better for my brother, he had a chance to bump into one of his favorite goalies on the Edmonton Oilers Ben Scrivens. After conversing with the amazing goalie and his lovely wife Jenny, my brother did the “fan” thing and asked for his signature on his hoodie. Pretty awesome!!

The Noble pig

noble pig

After shopping for two hours we decided to leave the mall and head to a local brewery the Noble Pig. While we had heard many good things about this place our experience was great. Our server was nice and friendly, and she was very knowledgeable about all of the beer recommendations. We decided to go with one of there more popular beer choices the Mocha Porter. The Mocha Porter is noted as a “Jet black dry Porter has strong chocolate & coffee malt tones. It is silky smooth on the tongue & comes with a rich creamy head but is dry on the finish. Deceptively Moorish for those of you who like lots of great flavour. Malt from Belgium, England & Canada.”

I have to say hands down this is one of the best beers I have had in a while and I and looking forward to going back and getting more!!


After being out all day we decided that since it is our last night in town we would head back to Sunpeaks Resort and find a restaurant in our area. We came across a restaurant called the Powder Hounds which was such an amazing pick. Our waitress was kind and helpful with dinner and drink choices. Their unique dishes and welcoming atmosphere were very much kid friendly.

BC salmon

the last day

Last day

Being in Sunpeaks and waking up to the beautiful sunlight shining into our room and the beautiful view of the mountain was very hard to picture leaving. We had such a great time and it was sad to know that in a few short hours it would all come to an end. I do have to stay I am looking forward to going back next year, maybe somewhere else in B.C. where ever it maybe I am so grateful that we live so close to such a beautiful province.

Stay tuned for my next adventure…

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