Bucket full of corn


What’s a perfect family place that’s also exciting for young adults? The Calgary Corn Maze & Fun Farm brings people back to the good ol’ farming days, featuring a petting zoo, pig races, and corn mazes.



Who doesn’t love feeding animals? There’s a large area for goats and ponies, where a 25-cent feed machine is installed. Whenever someone buys food, a whole herd of animals gather around the fence. The goats have huge bellies, which is hilarious because their legs are so skinny.


The area features ducks, goats, sheep, pigs, chicken, kittens, and even a turkey! My favorite were the kittens, where they play with you and don’t mind getting held.
There’s even a goat walk, for those who want to see them work for their food.
One of the best events were the pig races. It was amusing, because the pigs huddled around the finish line, were afraid of the flags. SPOILERS: the black pig won twice in a row (but the yellow one was close behind).

DSC04143The area has easy and hard mazes for people to try. The hard maze had two phases – we took phase 2, a maze themed around hockey and shaped like a hockey goalie in a net. The maze has numbered signs displaying a map with trivia on it. The trivia asks hockey-related questions, suggesting which direction you should go. It also has a QR code that you can scan to determine your location.

If you have an awesome sense of direction like Mike, you can determine where to go based on the map. If you’re like me, you can Google answers to the trivia, hope you’re going the right direction, and find the next sign (they numerically increase).

You can easily get stuck in the maze, as if you go on the path that shapes the hockey goalie, you are stuck inside the maze. There are tons of paths that meet, so you can challenge your friends and bet on which path is the fastest.
Unfortunately when we went (end of July), most of the corn were only a couple feet high. You can tell where the next sign is just by looking over. There’s also an area of the field (top right corner on the map) where the corn were just buds…so we weren’t sure of which path to take and ended up at the next sign.


Sometimes going outdoors and being around animals is just the thing a person needs. Although we didn’t try all the of the activities, we had a lot of fun with the animals and made our way through the maze. We will definitely come back on their special event nights, when the corn is actually 6 feet high.

I suggest going early in the day (the farm opens at 10 AM) and check out all of the cool stuff before a bunch of people show up.

images taken by mike clark & carrie mah

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