#yyc food truck reviews


For the past few weeks, I’ve decided to try out some of the local food trucks during my lunch breaks. Working downtown offers many different options for trucks and you can usually find several within just a few blocks. The food trucks tend to stay within the same areas, but once in a while you will see a new truck. I use the YYC Food Trucks website to see what food trucks are in the area that day.

Unfortunately, I’ve only gotten to 3 food trucks so far: Steakout, Meat Street, and The Mighty Skillet. They all offered a selection of great food, with the main focus being sandwiches and burgers.

Steakout food truck


I went with the prime rib sandwich and took some parmesan fries along with their homemade steak dip. The other items on the menu included steak bites, a steak salad, or a hot dog. The staff were very friendly and there was only a short wait for the food.

The sandwich itself was really quite good as the steak was perfectly cooked. They even offer complimentary caramelized onions for your sandwich. The parmesan fries were quite lackluster, were not seasoned, nor had much cheese in them.

Overall, I was surprised by the quality of, not only the food, but also the customer service.


meat street food truck

Meat STreet

 The next truck I went to was the Meat Street food truck.

I decided to go with their Pepperoni Burger. This burger was just as expensive as the one from the Steakout food truck, so I was expecting big things from it.

To my disappointment, the burger was dry and the only condiments on it were two mushy slices of red peppers. I will give this food truck some slack as it seemed to be relatively new to the food truck scene.


THE MIGHty skillet food truck

Mighty Skillet

The third and final truck I visited was by far the best. The Mighty Skillet is what you picture in your head when you hear food truck. Delicious filling food at a reasonable price for a customer on the go. People are drawn to the truck by the assortment of music constantly playing and the creative paint scheme but stay for the great food.

I went with the Skillet Burger. For $1 less than the other sandwiches from other trucks, I received a juicy tender burger with fresh lettuce, pickles, and tomatoes. They also included seasoned fries and a choice of spicy sauce. The staff were really nice and a lot more personable than any other food truck staff. Overall it was a great experience and I heard they serve breakfast on Sundays.


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