Above and Beyond


About a month and a half ago, I wrote a blog post entitled “The power of social media,” about a negative experience I had with Village Brewery and how I leveraged the power of social media to solve my problem. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read it, click here to view the blog post. For those of you who have read it, you are well aware that I voiced my concerns with Village Brewery’s about-face on their tour policies on Twitter and ultimately received a free private tour of the facilities.


In essence, my blog highlights just how vital and powerful social media is to a company’s brand. It warns of the visibility and ubiquity of social media to the entire world, including current and potential customers. Negative experiences and conflicts that go unresolved on social media can reap disastrous consequences on your company’s reputation and brand. In the end, customer satisfaction, both behind the screen and at the front desk, is everything.


However, I am pleased to announce that Village Brewery provided myself and 7 other friends with an incredible tour of their facilities last weekend and that my boycott on Village Wit is officially over!


Now I won’t give too much away as you should book a tour for yourself, but I will say that the facilities at Village Brewery are incredible! Our group had the opportunity to check out Village’s brewhouse and discover where they store their wheat and barley, smell the citrusy-floral aroma of Cascade Hops, as well as learn about the incredible history of their bottling equipment.


One of my favorite parts about the tour was learning about the entire brewing process from the milling of the grains to make malt to the boiling and sanitation of the wort to the addition of hops to the final step of adding yeast to kick-start the fermentation process. The entire process of brewing beer was absolutely fascinating to me and I loved every minute of it!


This looks like a group of people who know the difference between a lager and an ale.

 Do you know the difference?

One of the biggest concepts that stood out for me during the tour was the idea of community. Village prides itself on being Calgary crafted. It’s a brewery that supports Calgary’s artists and craftspeople. It’s a brewery that creates excellent ales and lagers that friends, families, and neighbors alike can enjoy. It’s beers are a toast to the Village of Calgary.

“It takes a village to raise a beer, and a beer to raise a village.”

Finally, we had the opportunity to sample Village’s lineup of beers: the Maiden, the Blonde, the Wit and the Blacksmith. After we had finished tossin’ back our samples, we each chose a full pint as well as received a Village Brewery glass to take home.

“There’s a sense of belonging when you’re drinking a beer from the Village.”

After hanging out for while, chatting and drinking our pints in the loft above the Village offices, it was time for our tour to come to an end. However, our tour couldn’t properly end without a visit to the gift shop. And oh boy does my wallet hurt after that exchange…


In closing, our tour at Village Brewery was absolutely excellent. The staff were friendly and informative, giving us a well-rounded idea of just how a brewery operates and how beer is created.

“Above and beyond.”


This is also a prime example of excellent customer service. After I voiced my displeasure on social media, Village Brewery immediately got in touch with me to resolve the issue. They went above and beyond because they truly understand just how important customer satisfaction is to brand reputation and loyalty. They want to cultivate and flourish in their relationships with their customers because that’s just what great businesses do. It goes without saying that all companies should try to emulate and replicate the magic that’s brewing over at Village Brewery!


Special thanks to Jim Button, Molly McChesney and everyone over at Village Brewery for the incredible time! Cheers!

Photography Credit: Theo Kim

Jamey Footer


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