How to Beat Dreary Days


With summer winding down, Calgary’s renowned weather is coming to town. Despite how sunny it can get, it’s time to put on your jackets and prepare for snow, rain, and wind. Here are a few tips on making the most out of the 8-month long winter Calgary has.

Dress to Impress

What to wear





















Do you find yourself waking up to the sun and see that it feels warm? Don’t let the morning fool you – prepare to dress for all types of weather! Bring a rain jacket during the so-called Fall, Spring, and Summer seasons. Always bring a thick jacket during the Winter season, even if it looks like the snow has stopped.

It’s better to be over-prepared and lug around a jacket, than be under-prepared and freezing. Plus, offices are air-conditioned to the max, so your jacket can be used for outdoors…and indoors!

An Excuse to be Productive


When you’re stuck inside (or don’t feel like going out), it’s a perfect excuse to do things you normally wouldn’t do. Clean the house, work on that side-project you’ve been distracted from, or develop new skills like cooking or making crafts. With all the dreary days in Calgary, you’ll probably learn a new skill in a no time.

Rest and Relax








Or you can just sit around and relax. Play some games, start a movie/Netflix marathon, indulge in food that you didn’t have time to make before. Staying in and getting some relaxation will give you enough energy for those upcoming busy days.

Also, spend some time on yourself. Take a bubble bath, do a home manicure, or soak your feet. And if you’ve got a special someone… take a bubble bath with them!

Go Out Anyways

Go Out

Most people want to stay in to avoid bad weather. But if you can handle some rain or wind, you’ll find the streets and shopping malls emptier than usual. Mike and I went to La Ronde on a weekday, but it also looked like it was going to rain. Luckily it didn’t, and we were able to go on all the busy rides before the sun came out.

If you hate waiting to get help for purchasing something, shopping in bad weather will only benefit you. Associates are bored, as they consider bad weather a slow day, so reap the benefits and get out there!


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