This Isn’t Good Byye, It’s See You Later


And so it has finally come to a close. My 8-month marketing internship is officially over. It seems like just yesterday that my roommates and I were moving into our apartment in Calgary and anxiously awaiting the adventure that was before us. Now, our #yyc adventure is nothing but fond memories that lay in the past. But what an adventure it was!

Let’s take a look at the past 8 months…


Byye: My spectacular office and incredible daily view of the mountains.


Off to a bad start: This is the result of our first visit to Ranchman’s Cookhouse and Dancehall… Almost burned down our apartment after living in Calgary for just one week.


Chel: My roommates and I had some epic NHL 14 battles… This was just the tally after one weekend. After 8 months, my winning percentage dipped only slightly…


2014 Sochi Olympics: It was such an incredible experience to witness all of the great Canadian Olympic moments on the big screen at work each and every day!


February 20, 2014: Team Canada’s Women’s Ice Hockey Team stages a heart-pounding comeback and puts on one of the greatest performances in hockey history, period, snatching the Gold Medal from our rivals to the South. Only myself and Janice watch the entire game on the big screen. And boy am I glad we didn’t give up on them like everyone else did and miss a single second of that epic performance!

February 21, 2014: Team Canada’s Men’s Ice Hockey Team erases all demons from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and silences their rivals with an incredibly stingy defensive performance. The United States would end up going home empty handed…


February 23, 2014: Team Canada’s win over Team USA in the semi-final sets the stage for a Gold Medal matchup with Sweden at 4:00 am. Me and a few buddies decide to road trip down to Banff to catch the action. We hit last-call the night before, leave the bar at 3:00 am, and are back at the bar at 4:00 am to watch the game. Team Canada wins back to back Gold medals.


The Aftermath: This is what celebrating an Olympic Gold Medal victory looks like after no sleep…


Don’t look down: Me and my girlfriend visit the glass floor at the Calgary Tower


Edmontonians in Calgary: Happy St. Patrick’s Day from our Calgary family


It’s in you to give: I donate blood for the first time with a few coworkers.


601 receives its first noise complaint… Surprisingly, none would follow… Not even during Stampede. Amateurs eh?


I don’t think I’ve ever been to a bar more times in my life than Cowboy’s. I’ll definitely miss this place!


Yak City: On more than one occasion, likely after a night at Cowboy’s, I burst every blood vessel in my face…


Little help from my friends: My best friends took numerous road trips to Calgary over these past 8 months.


The Colonel: After puking 8 straight hours from food poisoning from KFC, my coworkers showed their sensitivity…


Puttin’ around: Me and Andrew hard at work…


Long Distance: Being in Calgary didn’t prevent me from having a relationship, once again, my coworkers were on point…


Sometimes my roommates and I played beer pong… on a Monday


Peace Bridge: My girlfriend was extremely supportive and came to visit often.


The Nensh: Our marketing team had the opportunity to meet Mayor Naheed Nenshi at the opening of Barbara Scott Park!


Color Me Rad 2014


Stampede 2014: The moment we were all waiting for… Gone in the blink of an eye


Stampede 2014 Luncheon with George Canyon


But oh boy did we do our fair share of partying…


We were mainstays at Cowboy’s and Wildhorse Tent.


We clean up quite nicely, don’t you think?


By now everyone should know about our Village Brewery Tour saga. If you don’t, click here!


 To the city I absolutely fell in love with, Cheers Calgary, I will miss you!


Byye Byye: A huge thanks to Byye, my fellow coworkers, my roommates, and my friends for making this 8 month co-op term extra special.


I have a feeling that Calgary will be seeing us a lot sooner than you think…


Until then, Cheers!

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