Personalizing my job search

Many people wonder how I found such a specialized industry and when they find out I am an IP Specialist at a start-up company, they wonder how I found such a specialized opportunity at a start-up company.  As of six years now, IP to me is Intellectual Property…not Internal Protocol Address which is what it might be to you ;).

the search engine

First of all, how did I get into this industry? Towards the end of my junior year, I started thinking about what type of job I wanted.  Well, let’s rewind a bit….before getting into college, I was debating between going to law school or engineering, and after much thought I decided to go into engineering.  Then…towards my senior year in college I started thinking about going to law school and specializing in intellectual property.  However, after much debate I found that it would be a good idea to get my feet wet before I started on that journey.

University of cincinati

University of Cincinnati

So I used Google to search and research about patents.  Fortunately, I saw this term called “patent examiner”.  I searched that, and saw that US Patent Trademark Office (USPTO) was hiring patent examiners.  I tried to understand the life of a patent examiner via Google and a couple days later, applied for a position.  About 2 months later I was in Alexandria, VA.

the search engine g

I worked at the USPTO for a little over four years.  After getting married, I moved to Canada.  Actually from Alexandria, VA to Fort McMurray…and that too in January….boy was that an experience!

During my time in Fort McMurray I looked for a job in Calgary as IP wasn’t a very common profession there.  I kept thinking I would have to go back to engineering, but luckily…one day my husband asked me when he was studying for PMP… “What do you want to do with your career?”  I said “Well I’m not sure if there is such a job out there, but it would be nice to be on a similar track as I was on at the USPTO.  So maybe something like managing intellectual property?”



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