Top 5 Must have Items for the Winter Season

Shorts and flip- flops are out, jeans and boots are in!  Winter fashion is here and ready for us to wear. Attention grabbing attire such as  printed scarves,  bright pea coats, and bold prints  have become quite prominent on the runway this season. And, yes, even though it is winter , don’t let your dresses linger in the back of your closet! Mix and spice it up with scarves, hats, and vibrant jewelry. Just because winter is notorious for its freezing weather doesn’t mean you have to wear six layers of warm clothing that may not even be fashionable.

Lets take a look at my  Top 5 Must Have Items for this Winter Season.

1. Skinny Jeans


Skinny Jeans are one of the easiest things to match with, especially during the winter. If you are running errands, tuck them into boots and throw on a nice flowey cotton blouse. Dinner Plans with the boyfriend? Make a quick change to the top by adding a scarf or a piece of chunky bright jewelry to add that special touch. And perhaps, if you’re heading out for a night on the town, pointy-toe heels and a drapery top will be your go-to look.

Rachelle’s Pick


Skinny Regular Jeans

$29.95 from H&M

2.  Chambray Button-Down

chambraybuttondown.jpgWearing the same ol’ white button down has gotten really old and outdated. Try a chambray blouse and spice things up! Whether you’re  headed out for lunch with a girlfriend or heading to the office this easy look can be dressed up or dressed down.

Rachelle’s Pick


Fitted Boyfriend Chambray Shirt 

$49.95 from the GAP

3. A Bright-Color Coat


From October to March, your outerwear is the first thing that everyone sees, so why not make a statement?

Rachelle’s Pick

pea coat red

Via Spiga Double-Breasted Walker Coat

                                                             $235.25 from Macy’s

4. A Knit Sweaterdress

For those days when you simply cannot imagine pulling on another pair of pants, go for a sweater-dress. The easy, effortless look can easily go from work to an evening event with heels or knee high boots.
Rachelle’s Pick
sweater dress

Knitted polo-neck dress

$59.95 from H&M

5. A Printed Scarf


Scarves are a must have item in any closet whether you are wearing something causal or dressy. Throwing on a scarf can help complete any outfit.
Rachelle’s Pick

Leopard-Print Angora-Blend Scarf



 Stay Tuned for the next up coming Blog posts on Favorite Holiday Traditions.

– Rachelle Mullings


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