About Nureva

We’re on a mission to delight customers and deliver results.


Our founders, David Martin and Nancy Knowlton, have done it before when they started SMART Technologies Inc. Over 25 years, they grew a two-person start-up into a global market leader with annual revenues just under $800 million. They created products like the SMART Board interactive whiteboard that transformed the way millions of people around the world worked and learned. They are determined to do it again and have assembled a team to begin the task.

Nureva sells and develops best-in-class technology products focused on K–12 education and enterprise markets. For more information, visit Nureva.com.

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Our CEO, Nancy Knowlton, also has her own blog…

In 1987 I co-founded SMART Technologies Inc. (along with my husband, David Martin) in Calgary, Canada. From lean times to global market leadership, we created products like the SMART Board interactive whiteboard that changed the way people worked and learned in literally millions of meeting rooms and classrooms all around the world.

Nancy Knowlton

Over a 25 year period, we grew from a two-person start-up to a global company with annual revenues just under $800 million. Whether it was managing growth and rapidly expanding staff, understanding trends and technology directions, creating innovative products, fending off competitors or delivering on customer commitments, I’ve gained insights and formed views.
And we’re doing it again in our new companies.

Nancy Knowlton

I continue to have a deep interest in education issues and opportunities. Rather than just going along for the ride, I am interested in how education can and should evolve to meet rapidly developing needs in individual countries and regions. Technology certainly plays a role but so does sound pedagogy.
I have other interests in a variety of areas. Nothing excites me more than working with motivated, capable people who want to follow a trail that we blaze.

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